tripoli crudo

What is tripoli?

Tripoli is a unique cream colored mineral which is used mainly in the manufacturing of polishing abrasive compounds for soft metals and as isolator in refractory industries.

Chemical composition:

The product TRIPOLI is a Silica Acid on crystalline state, without quartz and quartzite, and doubled brittle crystals. Geologically it is a Silica (SiO2), derived, in one way of high Silica quantity limy stone decomposition or alteration, or of the colloidal silica direct deposition caused by alkaline salts decomposition.

Kinds of Tripoli:

Trípoli 0/4: refractory isolator
Trípoli 100: solid polishing compounds
Trípoli 400: solid and liquyid polishing compounds
Trípoli 600: solid and liquid polishing compounds
Trípoli Micronizado: finishinf compounds and house hold cleaners


The Tripoli unique physical form makes it suitable for a wide range of value-added functions across a variety of non ferric soft metals (Aluminium, cooper, brass, zamac..) and plastics. For the polishing of taps, door handles, lamps, polyester, epoxi, etc…. There are no other known minerals in the world that possess these characteristics.

Why our Trípoli:

Tripoli series manufactured by us, are being used more and more, as a base material in the most part of polishing compounds. Due to the following reasons our product is the best choice for you:

• The excellence of the natural product
• Our experience in the manufacturing
• The constant study / analisys of the product bt MT/ produced in our plant.
• Using our Tripoli in your production, the compounds are best workers.

How it works in polishing:

Due to his high oil absortion, 40-45%, Tripoli grains are well glued to the buff and also give high stability to liquid poilishing compounds. The grain of TRIPOLI is a round agglomerate formed of primary crystals (2 - 5 microns). The agglomerate polishes the metal and with press, breaks, letting the primary crystals free, making an uniform polish without scratches.
For further informations please view our technical data sheet or our MSDS

How it works as isolator:

Following successful tests in our laboratory and knowing that the Tripoli consists mainly of crystalline silica and porous amorphous structure. The grain is an agglomeration consisting of micro crystals (2 - 5 microns), which bound to each other, result in a porous particle working perfectly as an excellent insulator. For more information please see our technical data sheet and MSDS.



  • 25 Kg. and 50 Kg. paper bags
  • 500 Kg. and 1.000 Kg. Big Bags
  • Plastified pallets that fulfills the procedure of International Trade in fytosanitory topics.